A History of Innovation

Sizer Ltd has an illustrious past combining engineering innovation and quality manufacturing. Our firm was established by Richard Sizer in 1899, a pioneering British engineer in Hull, England. His son, Albert Sizer, is recognized as the designer of the first ever pelleting press named 'the Cuber'. The design was patented in 1912 and Richard Sizer Ltd grew to becoming the global leader in animal feed pelleting systems.

In the 1990s the company was bought by Sheffield-based Walden Engineering to become Walden Sizer Ltd. Since then the company has thrived in Sheffield, with support from firstly OSL Group Ltd and now the Newburgh Group.

At Sizer, we pride ourselves with manufacturing the famous 'Orbit' Pellet Presses. The simple, robust designs have been continually improved to meet modern demands for cost effective quality and efficiency. We also offer a wide range of pellet press spare parts in addition to our maintenance service technical support.

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Made in Sheffield

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