Why pellet?

  • Turning waste in to a valuable product
  • Reduces transport costs
  • Saves storage space
  • Improves handling characteristics
  • Uniform material

Why pellet?


Animal feed

Sizer provides a cost effective spare parts and comprehensive maintenance service for pellet presses producing Ruminant, Pig, Sheep, Chicken & Game feeds around the world. We also carry out complete press refurbishments to maximize our customers' pelleted compound feed production.


Biomass, as a renewable energy source, is biological material from living, or recently living organisms. Sizer provides complete pelleting plants and equipment to process virgin and waste biomass products. We have a wealth of experience that includes Wood sawdust, Straw, Cocoa husks, Palm fibres, Coffee chaff, Grass, Miscanthus and many more...Call us to trial some of your material in our test facility.

Wood fuel

Wood sawdust is one of the main biomass fuels pelleted for use in Power stations, Commercial and Domestic use around the world. It's relatively high calorific value and low ash content makes it one of the most desirable solid renewable fuels.

Wood pellets are also used for pet bedding and litter tray material.

Distilling by-products

Distillers dark grains are pelleted for use in Animal feed around the world. By processing the by-products from this industry, the transport costs of the material are vastly reduced.

Sizer has a long history of supplying pelleting equipment into this sector with our robust Orbit presses.

Maltings clients

The pelleting of Maltings by-products is common, as the pellets can be used in Animal feed or Biomass fuels and provide a revenue stream for these waste products.

Sizer works with our Maltings clients to maximize their production capacity to be their preferred pelleting equipment supplier and service providers.

Specialist feeds

Often specialist feeds are produced in relatively small batches with specific and expensive ingredients.

Sizer has experience in Veterinary, Bird and Pet feeds providing pelleting solutions to this high-tech industry.

Recycled products

The pelleting of recycled products is becoming more popular due to the fact that pelleting can hugely reduce volume (and therefore transportation costs) and creates a uniform, 'flowable' material.

Sizer has experience in pelleting many material some of which include: Mixed plastics, Natural and Man-made Textiles, Domestic waste flock, Tyres, Metal dust, Gypsum and many more...Call us to trial some of your material in our test facility.


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